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A start-up business's success is more accomplishable than you think

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We connect entrepreneurs with the tech, resources and community needed on day one. We're helping seed companies in the idea stage to become the next big thing!


Ivation's Services can deliver your next generation product quicker and at a lower cost by using our experienced global business developers. Ivation's Services offer a wide spectrum of hands-on related services which is all about ideas to market. Gone are the days of ideas requiring major time and resources.


Ivation Corporation Company is located in Elk River, Minnesota with support teams in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore and India. We deliver services to clients worldwide. Main 01+ (763) 241.2027

How does it work

Ivation's Phase One

Who We Are

The future where founders can work together

Ivation Corporation is an established research and IT consulting firm. We specialize in three areas, new products, IT system design and international marketing

Our Mission

To integrate passion,

We value our partners, integrate passion in our work, use strategies that are tied-and-true, do good work and be humble.

Our Approach

Set Clear Accomplishable Goals

Ivation Corporation will nail down a workable roadmap with clear accomplishable goals that will launch your idea into your market quickly and with the least amount of upfront cost.

Professional Product Developement Services

Your Intellectual Property is Protected and Secure with Ivation Corporation


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